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Independent Living Skills

Mealtimes for the pre-school child

Caring CutleryIdeas to Help

Make sure the child is sitting with his/her feet firmly on the floor and the table at hip height.

Sometimes it is easier to keep the child in a high chair or use a booster seat.

If the child is sitting at a table on a standard chair and is not stable and their feet are dangling then try putting telephone books together for the child to rest their feet on or make a box for the child to place their feet on.

Use appropriate size cutlery – try bending “cheap” cutlery at an angle to help with eating.

Try using a piece of foam tubing to help with the grip. Buy some cutlery which is made specifically for the child e.g. Caring Cutlery.

Use a piece of Dycem (non stick matting) or a dampened facecloth and place this under the plate to stop it moving around.

Use a soup bowl, or plastic bowl with a lip, to limit the spread of the food. The child can scoop more easily.

Do not overfill the cup or the plate. The child can always have more.