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Sleep and bedtime problems

There is a useful fact sheet from the Royal College of Psychiatrists:

Coping with Sleep Problems in Children
Presenter: Dee Palmer (Broadcaster) Price: £9.18
Running time: 40 minutes approx
Format: single cassette
Published: 1997
ISBN 9781901910179

A child who wakes in the middle of the night? A child who won’t sleep? A sleepless baby? Exhausted? A child or baby with sleep problems exhausts not just itself but you and the rest of the family. This audio pack contains practical advice and strategies to help you deal with some of the most common sleep problems affecting babies and children. Leading health professionals describe simple techniques you can use to help you and your family to cope including how to:

  • Settle the child to sleep effectively
  • Re-establish a broken sleep pattern
  • Discourage the child from waking early
  • Stop the child/baby from waking in the night
  • Deal with sleep walking and nightmares

The tapes are packed with advice and easy-to-follow techniques.