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Books, CD's and Resources


  1. Dyslexia: A Parents’ Survival Guide – Christine Ostler
  2. Overcoming Dyslexia: A Straightforward Guide for Families and Teachers – Beve Hornsby
  3. Supporting Children with Dyslexia: Practical Approaches for Teachers and Parents – Garry Squires , Sally McKeown
  4. How to Identify and Support Children with Dyslexia – Chris Neanon
  5. Dyslexia: A Parents’ Survival Guide – Christine Ostler
  6. The Dyslexia Handbook – British Dyslexia Association
  7. How to Develop Numeracy in Children with Dyslexia – Pauline Clayton, Rebecca Barnes
  8. Toe by Toe: Highly Structured Multi-Sensory Reading Manual for Teachers and Parents – Keda Cowling and Harry Cowling
  9. Dyslexia in Secondary School: A Practical Handbook for Teachers, Parents and Students – Jenny Cogan, Mary Flecker