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Useful websites and resources for Maths

Maths equipment, websites and CD ROMS for parents

A useful website with lots of maths games ideas:

Woodlands Maths Zone – free maths games covering topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word based problems and fractions:

BBC website – lots of games, fact sheets and activities relating to subject areas including maths:

Very busy site with lots of maths games and explanations of basic concepts:

Games and activities as well as free worksheets on specific topics: CD-ROMS These are available from stockists such as, and

Product Name: Times Tables Manufacturer/Publisher: Markco Publishing Ltd Author: Dr Steve Chinn

Product Name: Numbershark Manufacturer/Publisher: White Space Ltd

Product Name: Ace Monkey`s Maths Manufacturer/Publisher: Birchfield Interactive Useful Tools – Maths Numicon Multi-sensory maths resource available from

Rotring plate riles 1mm & 0.5mm scale 300mm clear

Linex aluminium rulers Linex scale ruler triangular aluminium colour-coded

Concept bingo – fractions, decimals and whole numbers

Equate maths equations game