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Hobbies & Leisure

About choosing a hobby

Helping your child choose a Hobby

Discuss with your child the type of hobbies that they would like to try. Be open minded; a hobby they are interested in may be very different from anything you have done before and even though you may think it is unsuitable it may be worth giving it a go (as long as it is safe!).

Where possible take your child to see the sport or activity or watch it on TV so they can see what is expected.

If the hobby requires expensive equipment try and borrow or hire it first of all until you are sure your child likes the hobby and wants to continue.

Consider a variety of different activities for your child to try out before he/she decides on one particular hobby. Even if he/she has a preference, it is still worthwhile exploring different activities to help develop different skills and expand on their interests.

Encourage your child to persevere.

Make sure the reason for your child taking up a hobby is not because YOU want to learn it or for them to be more like you or another sibling who can already do it – sometimes it is better for your child not to compare him or herself directly with siblings.

If they give up their hobby or sport you may want to try it again when they are older.