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Archery is a precision sport using a bow and arrow that was historically associated with hunting and combat. Learning the art of archery can teach children patience, perseverance and mental focus. Even though it is considerably less physically exerting than some other sports, it nevertheless develops eye-hand coordination, and strength in the arms and upper body.

Most UK clubs practice either of two main types of archery codes:

Target archery
Field archery

Individuals of all ages and abilities can participate in archery activities but caution has to be taken with children under 7 due to safety awareness issues. Equipment investment is not necessary in the initial exploration stages until the child is firmly pursuing this sport. You can introduce the child to archery by scouting for a coach in a local club for lessons. Many clubs nowadays also organise group archery activities for special occasions and this may be a fun way to introduce this activity to the child and gauge his/her interest.