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Having a go at crafts is a fun and entertaining way of occupying children when they are indoors. From the young child to the teenager, the child may be fascinated and feel motivated by the things he or she can create. There are various types of crafts children can choose from, depending upon their abilities and interests. Craft projects can involve everyday household materials or specific materials and can require simple or skilful techniques. Being involved in craft work can help to develop the child’s confidence and creativity, while honing their fine-motor control and eye-hand coordination.

Books on different craft projects are easily available on the High Street. The internet is also a good resource for craft ideas. Involving the child in a craft project to prepare for a holiday celebration or to make a present for a friend/family member may be an excellent way to start off.

Types of crafts:

Textile crafts e.g. doll making, cross-stitch, fabric painting, knitting etc.

Studio crafts e.g. pottery, mosaic, beadwork & jewellery making, woodwork etc.

Paper crafts e.g. origami, scrapbooking, card making, calligraphy etc.

Other crafts e.g. candle-making, basket weaving, cake decorating, flower arrangement etc.