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Hobbies & Leisure

Horse Riding

Horse Riding can be an enjoyable and exciting hobby for children of all ages. It is a great activity which allows the rider to exercise while bringing him/her closer to nature. This can be very relaxing and calming for some children. Other than interacting with the adults involved and other children, it also gives the child the chance to care for and interact with animals and learn to control them. Caring for an animal can instil responsibility and discipline in children. As well, the child can learn from his or her mistakes through practice when learning to control and respond to the horse. As his/her skill increases, so will confidence level in his/her own abilities.

Horse Riding is very flexible and varied enough to cater to the different needs of individual children. Your child can choose to engage in more competitive horse riding sports like polo, racing and dressage etc, or simply leisure riding.

Start off by reading about horses and horse riding using books and the internet together with the child. If he/she is interested and keen to find out more, bringing him/her to visit horse stables and farms will be a good idea. Thereafter, you can consider asking and looking around for instructors or lessons in the local area, or going on a horse riding holiday as a whole family to begin with.