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PhotographingMany children find cameras very interesting because a product (a picture) can be obtained almost immediately. This makes photography a fabulous hobby to be engaged by kids. They can use the cameras to take artistic and creative pictures, to create a personal ‘time journal’ as a way to record meaningful and special events that have happened, or simply for fun. Taking pictures can occur both indoors and outdoors and can be on virtually anything! The versatility of photography renders it suitable for children and individuals of all ages and various abilities.

By taking up photography, the child can develop better awareness of their immediate physical environments and become more observant. His/her creativity will be nurtured and individual styles can be explored in the process of producing a product that reflects him/herself. As they increasingly progress towards more sophisticated techniques, they will also use and hence develop different skills, such as geometry, artistic abilities, fine hand control etc.

In your exploration of this activity with the child, remember to make it fun and hands-on. You may wish to begin by showing the child how to operate, before allowing him/her to play with an old digital camera or even the camera function on an unwanted mobile phone. Even though photography equipment can range from disposable cameras and simple point-and-shoot analogue models (film-loading) to complicated professional SLR digital ones. For children, digital models are preferred as they are easy to use, provide instant feedback to help sustain their attention and more economical (you don’t need to develop unwanted pictures!).