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Scooter riding

Scooters and trikes

Some children are later learning to ride a bike than others and in some cases may never master the art and give up, feeling frustrated. This can prove socially challenging when other children are participating in outdoor play, as the child may feel more isolated from the children who are able to ride successfully.

Ideas to Help

Consider starting off with a tricycle or scooter as this may be easier to use to practice pedalling skills.

A scooter allows the child to push off and not have to worry about pedalling. Get the child to push off consistently with the same foot.

A pedal car or go-kart can be easier to use as the child is in a stable sitting position and can learn the art of pedalling, before moving onto balancing and pedalling at the same time.

Make sure the child can reach the pedals easily.

Use elbow and knee pads even with a scooter.

Choose a scooter with a large enough platform, so that the child can easily place his/her feet on it.