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Cleaning teeth

Some young people don’t like the sensation of placing a toothbrush inside their mouths and cleaning their teeth.

Ideas to Help

Try using an electric toothbrush along with a timer so that the child knows how long to brush his/her teeth. An electric toothbrush also offers a more consistent brushing pattern and it is more likely to clean the child’s teeth more effectively than an ordinary toothbrush.

If the child has a favourite TV character, products such as toothbrushes and toothpaste are available with different characters, which could add interest and motivation.

Try using a children’s mouthwash to help with their oral hygiene. Gargling, swishing and spitting out the mouthwash can be fun for children to do.

Your child may be more comfortable sitting on a chair or stool to brush their teeth.

Use rewards such as a star chart to encourage the child to brush twice a day.It is recommended that you continue to supervise and brush the child’s teeth until they are at least 7 years old. For some children it may be for longer.


How to Clean your Teeth – Click here to download >>

Useful Websites and Organisations

Further information, activities for young people and products are available from  http://www.dentalhealth.org.uk