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Independent Living Skills

Food shopping with your child

Carrying out everyday tasks can be a struggle, especially if you have children with you. Often simple and straight forward ideas can make life easier.

Ideas to Help

Plan your meals for the week so you know what you need at the shops.

Use a shopping list when out, to aid memory and help save time.

Shopping on the Internet with the large supermarkets can be easier than physically going shopping.

You can set up a general list and then repeat this each week.

Create a shopping list template for items bought regularly, for example cheese, eggs and bread, photocopy the sheets and just add extras to it each week.

When out shopping with children make sure they have had a drink and something to eat before setting out and have been to the toilet.

Let the children be involved in the process of shopping – they could look for items on the shelf with you. Talk to them about what you are buying.

Talk about the foods you see on the shelves and use this as a topic of conversation to encourage your child to understand more about the foods they are eating and what goes into the meals you have at home.

If they get bored, you may want to take a small toy in your bag so they can be occupied if needs be.