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Independent Living Skills

Hygiene for boys

Carrying out everyday tasks can be a struggle for anyone. Often simple and straightforward ideas can make life easier.

Ideas to Help

Completing a task while you are seated will ensure good balance, leaving your hands free to complete the task.


Have a hairstyle that is easy to keep, and using a long-handled hairbrush and/or comb can help your child reach and look after the back of his hair.


An electric toothbrush may be easier for the child to clean their teeth.

Have the child’s teeth regularly checked and cleaned by a dentist.

Using an anti-bacterial mouthwash can help clean teeth and give fresher breath.

For older children try using sugar-free chewing gum for fresher breath.


Pick a shaver that has a built-in safety guard.

Where possible encourage your son to use an electric shaver.


Using moist toilet wipes after using the toilet can help with cleansing. These are available from most supermarkets and chemists.

Consider having a seat fitted in the shower. Having a strong handrail fitted by the bath or shower may also be useful.

A bath mat placed in the bath or shower will prevent the child slipping.

A long-handled sponge will help the child wash areas of his body that are difficult to reach.

If turning taps on and off is hard for the child, try long-handled tap turners.