Tips to help with children who don’t like their hair being cut


Some children can hate having their hair cut.

Here are some suggestions that may be of help:

  • Choose a time when your child is not too tired to go and have their hair cut (or too hungry).
  • Choose a time when the hairdresser is not as busy.
  • Try to arrange the same time of the month for a haircut so it becomes a routine.
  • Tell your child what will be happening-you could create a series of photos of the stages if possible. Use your mobile phone to take some photos.
  • Try giving your child a head massage before-hand /or you can ruffle the child’s hair if they let you do so.
  • Show them a picture of what the hair may look like if you can.
  • Demonstrate the cutting by cutting a small bit of your own hair or a doll but let them know that scissors are sharp and to be careful.
  • Use a shampoo for sensitive scalps – ask the hairdresser to do so or take one along with you.
  • Ask the hairdresser to use a wide-toothed comb so it doesn’t pull at your child’s hair too much.
  • If the hairdressers is a noisy setting (hair dryers, other children and adults etc.) then consider using ear plugs or listening to music the child likes to hear or they can watch something on your phone or a tablet if you have one.
  • Take in a favourite book and/or possession your child loves as well to make them feel as comfortable as possible.