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Social and Emotional Skills

Friends – having friends over to play

Having friends over to play should be a fun experience for the child and their friends. 

Keep the time limited to start with so the play session always ends well.

Only extend this when the child is coping. 

Avoid games that you know may be hard for the child to play or follow – introduce new games when you can spend time with the child explaining the rules before he/she plays it with friends.

You may find sometimes it is better that the other child’s parent stays with the child if he/she is a little nervous.

Plan in advance with the child what he/she would like to do so you are more prepared.

If the child cannot think of activities or games to play you may like to provide some suggestions and watch to see if everything is going OK.

Be prepared to intervene if you think the child or the other child is becoming restless or over-excited or there are increasing arguments. Give them a break, such as having a drink or changing the game.

Encourage the children to have some cool down time if they are getting too excited, such as watching a DVD or TV.