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Selective eating habits

Some children may be seen as “fussy eaters” and selective in what they choose to eat, only liking specific food groups such as potatoes and chicken or only crisps and chocolate. If you are concerned with the child’s diet, see your family doctor to check his/her general health, growth and development.

Why may the child have a selective diet?

If the child has only been given a small variety of foods early on and has not been introduced to different tastes and textures etc, this may encourage the child to stick to what he/she knows and likes.

Some children may dislike some textures of food such as meat. This can be apparent often from an early stage and the child may prefer a more “sloppy” diet.

Food may  also be used as a way to assert control over family members, or to gain attention. This can become a battleground when the child refuses to eat. Mealtime becomes a challenge for both child and parents.