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Social and Emotional Skills

Telling your child

If the child has additional learning needs the decision as to whether you should tell the child what their problems are and give a name to them can sometimes be a cause of anxiety for parents.

By the age of 6-7 years, children may already recognise that they are different from their peers.

Allow a discussion to happen and for the child to ask and answer questions.

Be honest and if you don’t have the answer say that you could both find it out together.

Talk about the child’s strengths as well as their difficulties and reflect that you and others in your family have strengths as well as difficulties.

Talk with the child about how and when to tell others that they have difficulties. This is not always easy and there are no set rules on how to do this, but making sure the child is included in play with other children is important and putting this at the forefront is the most important thing.