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Independent Living Skills

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Study Skills and Attention

Movement Breaks

Chair push-ups

Grasp either side of the chair seat and push up to lift your bottom from the seat

Chair pull-downs

Grasp either side of chair and pull your bottom down into the seat

Knees waves

Place feet on floor, hands on knees; move your knees in and out rapidly while resisting it with their hands

Foot stomps 

While seated in desk and grasping sides of seat with your hands, quickly raise and lower each leg with knees bent to “stomp” feet

Quick Tug o’ War 

Grasp hands with student beside you and tug (gently) back and forth

Hand Presses

Turn to the peer beside you, place your hands together, and then push or press

Hand Hugs 

Clasp your own hands together (without interlocking fingers) and squeeze; alternate hand on top

Leg Raises

While seated in your desk with your hands holding each side of the chair seat, lift your legs off the floor with legs straight and hold for a count of 5-10 seconds

Reach and stretch 

Standing beside your desk, reach to the sky

Chair Leg Pulls

Hook your feet around the legs of your chair/desk, pull the chair legs together

Power March

March in place beside desk

Rhythmic Body Claps

Clap hands, clap hands on knees, clap hands on shoulders and other body parts

Wall Push –ups

Stand with feet together, one large step from wall, place hands on wall at shoulder level, touch nose to wall and then push away

Additional movement breaks may include going for a drink, running errands, getting up to sharpen pencils, handing out papers/books, break and gym class.