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Choosing your accommodation

Where do you want to live?

The following are important questions for you to think about before deciding on the most suitable type of accommodation.

1.  Is the college/university close enough for you to live at home?

2.  Do you need a lot of day-to-day support from your parents/guardians? If so, it may be better for you to live at home.

3.  Are you a sociable person who could happily live with other students?

4.  If you are happy to live independently, would you rather live in halls of residence or a shared house/flat?

5.  Are you happy to look after your own household bills? If so, a shared house could be an option. If not, living in halls of residence would probably be more suitable.

6.  Can you cook for yourself? If not, is there student accommodation providing full board?

7.  Can you drive? If you need to use public transport, check on access to this and availability.

If you need to flat/house share – you may need to go to see the accommodation office in the college or university and give your details. They may have a notice board to put up your details.

If you choose a flat or house – you will need to give a bond to start with – this can be a month’s rent plus one month in advance.