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Toileting for school

Coping with toilets and toileting

Some children may experience difficulty with toilet training, and be later developing these skills than their peers.

There are several reasons why bottom-wiping may be particularly difficult for the child to do:

They may not have the ability to balance while sitting on the toilet.

They may not be able to take their hands behind their body to wipe.

They may not be aware of where their bottom is to wipe!

How to improve balance for bottom-wiping

Both feet should be placed firmly on the floor, providing the child with a stable base. If this is not possible, provide a step for the child to place his feet on.

Telephone books bound together can make a step.

Having a hand rail to hold provides stability.

The child should be able to reach behind their body and under their legs in order to bottom-wipe.

Activities to help promote bottom-wiping

Pass a ball or balloon around the body passing from one hand to the other.

Pass a small ball or balloon around the legs in a figure of eight.

Stick stickers on different places on the child’s body – front and back and get the child to find the stickers.

Use wet wipes or toilet wipes so that the child is able to clean better.

Advice for parents

Buttons and zips are best kept to a minimum when teaching toileting skills.

Have regular toilet times to get the child into a routine such as at every break and lunchtime.

Make sure there is toilet paper near to the child so he/she can reach out while sitting on the toilet.

Provide school with a spare set of clothing if accidents are happening.

Use wet wipes at home.

Practice using toilet paper at home; scrunching or folding and the wiping action.

Laminate a card with targets on it – place chocolate spread or smooth peanut butter in the middle and encourage the child to wipe it off without spreading out to the outside areas away from the red centre.