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Practical Skills for Primary School

Leisure activities – non team-based

Non team based sports

Your child may like to try sports where he or she competes against themselves rather than team sports. Whatever sports or activities they try it is important to have fun!

Below is a list of sports to consider:

Horse riding – is great for balance, rhythm and stability.

Swimming – develops upper and lower body strength.

Bike Riding – activities such as Quad Biking or using a tricycle or scooter are easier to do than riding a two-wheeler as they have greater stability.

Sports for improving coordination

Badminton – is a good racquet sport that can be started quite young with larger shuttle cocks that move more slowly

Yoga, Alexander Technique, Pilates – these activities will develop balance, stability and promote relaxation.

Archery – this will develop hand-eye coordination and upper body strength.

Canoeing or Kayaking – is good for upper body strength and balance.

Golf – develops upper body strength and hand-eye coordination.

Martial arts such as Judo – develops balance and strength.

Trampoline – promotes strength, balance and fitness.

Indoor Rock Climbing – is great for strength and endurance.