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Practical Skills for Primary School


It can be hard for some children to gain the concepts of mathematics.

Make mathematics real with the child – try introducing terms such as ‘half’ and ‘quarters’ when you are cutting up a cake.

Count items when you are out and about – such as the number of cars you can see on a journey.

Useful equipment to teach this can be Numicon –

Ideas to Help

Use everyday opportunities to reinforce learning about mathematics – cooking is excellent for this – when cutting a pie into slices for example you could talk about half/quarter etc.

Try talking about heavier/lighter/more/less, taking away and adding when baking a cake.

Check that the child understands the language of mathematics – you could make a game with different signs and see if he or she can group all the signs that mean the same thing – such as plus, add, addition, sum has lots of free maths activities all ready to practise.

Useful Websites and Organisations

You can also try using a Slavonic Abacus -You can see this on this link as well as downloading some ideas how to use it with the child

Make sure the child understands the “language” of mathematics- do they know that +, plus and add are all the same thing, for example?

Individuals with mathematical problems can sometimes be given a diagnosis of dyscalculia.