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Pencil Grips and different pens

Not all children will hold their pencil in the same way. The most common way is the ” tripod” grip. This is holding the pencil with a thumb and two fingers( see the picture). However many children can write well but do not have this grip.

If writing is a problem for the child you may want to try the following ideas:

Check to see whether the child seems to be gripping his pen too tightly- you may see the fingers whiten or his forefinger bending or hyper-extended rather than remaining extended. Look and see if the index finger is red and the knuckle white from too much pressure.

If the child chooses an alternative grip, don’t change it if the child is writing OK. S/he may be changing the position to create a position of stability and comfort for him/her.

There are a variety of different pens and pencil grips available and it is worth trying them out with the child and see what s/he thinks feels the most comfortable and is helping his/her writing. Try to write out the same sentence using different pens and compare which looks the best together.