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Practical Skills for Primary School

Transition to primary school

Boys AnsweringMoving to primary school

Moving from nursery to primary school can feel like a huge leap for children who may still lack many of the skills that other children take for granted.

Ideas to Help

Encourage visits with parents or guardians before the start of term and show the child where strategic places are in the school for example the toilets, head teachers’ office, and the canteen.

If there is a school uniform make sure the child has practiced any fastenings that may be unfamiliar.

Talk to the parents about the school day so that they can talk through this with the child as well.

Find out if the child has any difficulties managing to eat food. Some children don’t like certain textures of food or the child may still not be competent using a knife and fork.

If possible allow the child to visit and stay for lunch, this could take place before the other children come in for their meal.

Make other staff aware that the child may be more vulnerable at times such as break time or even managing to use the toilets.

Give the parents the name and contact details of the SENCO in case they have any concerns.

The child may get more tired than other children, make teachers aware that he may not “perform” as well in the afternoon as compared with the morning.