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Changing for PE

PEthumbnailTry to sit down when changing as this provides you with a more stable base.

Keep the same routine (i.e. order of clothes) for changing each time.

If your shoelaces become loose, at the first knot, loop the lace around twice. Pull it tight and then you can let it go without it becoming loose.

When buttoning a shirt, start at the bottom edge so that you get the correct button in the correct hole.

To save time, keep some buttons done up if you can put on and take off the shirt without undoing them all.

Buttons sewn on with thin elastic allow more ‘give’ so it is easier to pull through the holes. This can also be used for cuffs so you may not need to undo the button.

Velcro can be used as an alternative to buttons. Sew up the button holes and sew the button onto the closed hole so it looks like it is done up. Then sew a small piece of Velcro to the back of the button so this can be closed simply by pressing the two surfaces together. You may wish to do this just for the collar button as this can be particularly difficult.

Consider if you need to change all your clothes or if you just need to change your T-shirt.